Flying without a trail of sweat

Vliegen zonder een spoor van zweet

Flying staff, I always have a lot of respect. Pilots, stewardesses and stewards. I know a few of them well. A lot in the weather with passengers, are always friendly and naturally looked like. In the meantime, work hard in a cabin that always changes temperature. Then an anti-sweat T-shirt comes in handy.

Pilots never suffer from stress ... they say.

According to my pilot friends there is never an exciting moment ... Pilots are very well trained in dealing with exciting situations. They say that the best part of the flight is starting and landing. Add another thunderstorm and then I am in the back of fear. But they don't ... they say. As a commander you always have a colleague next to you. Cozy, but of course it is better if the tension cannot be read from you. That is why an anti-sweat T-shirt is so handy for pilots. If it gets a little too hot, nobody looks like something. Your colleagues do not and also not the passengers that you state after arrival.

Stewardess, respect!

As far as I am concerned, stewards and stewardesses are due to the most respect. These hosts and hostesses in the air not only take care of us, but also watch over us. And that while the coffin vibrates and they surprised in turbulent circumstances. Do it again that air conditioning ... Then again too hot and then again too cold. I would probably have a cold after every flight, but good. They do it anyway. Trolley in the aisle and sprinkle that bite and drink. Leave over two seats and then hang out with your armpit before the eyes of the passengers. Then you really want no annoying sweat places in your blouse over shirt.


Fortunately, there is now a perfect solution. With the anti-sweat t-shirt from NoWeet, the armpit Sweet is always blocked. No more worries. Just tasty in your work. The sewn fabric layer in the armpits prevents sweat from leaking. Really top. What is the most heard reaction of people who are going to wear? "I had that more earlier!"

T-shirt that sweat blocks for all the waiting staff.

This makes this anti-sweat T-shirt super handful for all people who serve. Also for waiters in restaurants and bar staff in cafés. All these hard-working people can do their job with confidence. You will not disturb those sweat places. For example, every working day becomes a great day.

Try it yourself too!


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