Keep a grip on hyperidrosis or excessive sweating

Houdt grip op hyperidrosis of overmatig zweten

Hyperidrosis - excessive sweating - is a medical condition that affects a small group of people. Half of that group mainly suffers from a lot of sweating under the armpits. For example, others suffer from sweaty hands or sweat on the forehead. For the group with sweaty armpits, an anti-sweat shirt is a relief.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, here are tips that may help:

1. Consult a doctor
The first thing you should do if you suspect you have hyperhidrosis is make an appointment with a doctor or dermatologist. These professionals can assess the severity of your condition and suggest appropriate treatment options. Sometimes hyperhidrosis can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition, so it is important to get a professional diagnosis.

2. Use deodorant
One of the most common and effective treatments for hyperhidrosis is the use of strong deodorants that contain aluminum salts. These products temporarily block the sweat glands and therefore reduce excessive sweat production. You can try regular deodorant, but in some cases a doctor can also prescribe a stronger deodorant.

3. Wear an anti-sweat shirt

With the anti-sweat shirt from ConfidenceForAll, armpit sweat is blocked. The sewn-in fabric layer in the armpits prevents sweat from leaking through. What is the most common response from people who started wearing it? "I wish I had known that sooner!"

4. Consult with a medical professional before choosing a treatment for hyperhidrosis, as the approach depends on the individual situation and the severity of the condition. A doctor can help you make the right decisions for your specific needs. Some of these options include:
- Botox injections: Botox can be used to temporarily block the sweat glands and can be effective for reducing excessive sweating, especially in the armpits.
- Iontophoresis: This is a treatment that uses electrical current to affect and reduce sweat glands.
- Surgery (sympathectomy): In severe cases, surgery may be considered to interrupt the nerves responsible for sweating. This option is usually only considered if other treatments do not work.

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