Sports without sweat stains

Sporten zonder zweetvlekken

Recently a teammate surprised me. At the end of the training he asked a few of us: "Why do you sweat like that?" He pointed to our sweat places. And he didn't have them himself. That joker had attracted the anti-sweat t-shirt under his sports shirt and walked down the field like a king. Good joke. But immediately a nice story for this blog, I thought ...

Anti-sweat T-shirt for during exercise.

With the anti-sweat of no sweet t-shirt, the armpit sweat is stopped. The sewn fabric layer in the armpits prevents sweat from leaking. For those who want to enjoy a drink in a decent way after exercising a drink, it is a solution. You are a lot more relaxed if you don't have those sweat places under your arms. I also use it in the gym. That is of course already a huge view of sport ... look good in the gym is completely important. So that is possible. See them!

Try it yourself too!


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