No sweat spots No sweaty smell Only self-confidence

Icoon met zweetdruppels waarmee wordt uitgelegd dat de okselpad voorkomt dat je zweetplekken krijgt in je overhemd of blouse

No sweat spots

The sewn -in armpit pad contains a thin layer of waterproof material. You will never again suffer from sweat spots.

Icoon met een veer waarmee wordt uitgelegd dat de stof waarvan de anti zweet kleding wordt gemaakt zijdezacht is

Soft cooling fabric

The sweat proof shirt is made of silky modal and cooling cotton. That's why you can wear the shirt all year round.

Icoon met drie streepjes die de lagen van de okselpad voorstellen. Door de okselpad kringelen pijltjes omhoog. Die stellen zweet voor dat eerst vochtig is, maar daarna verdampt.

No sweaty smell

The entire shirt is treated with silver ions. They neutralize the bacteria that cause sweat odor.

How do the pads work?

The special pad of bamboo viscose is sewed between two layers of the fabric. The armpit pad consists of a thin layer with moisture-absorbing material that stops the sweat and lets it evaporate.

Sweating is part of an active life

Sweating is the natural way to cool your body. So sweat is just part of an active life. But that of course does not mean that it must get in your way.

With the sweat proof shirts, tops and underwear of ConfidenceForAll you no longer suffer from sweat spots and sweat odor.

Experiences of others

These are great undershirts! I work at at a fair yesterday under warm spot lights... and had no sweat spots under my armpits. Moreover, my jacket now remains clean.


I had been suffering from excessive sweating among the armpits for a while. Especially when I am in the office for a whole day. I am happy that this sweat proof shirt exists. There are no more sweat spots in my shirt.


I was in front of the class on this warm day. It was the first time I was wearing the Drydress sweat proof top. It not only prevents sweat spots but also yellow spots in my blouse.



We already have more than enough problems. Unfortunately, there is no a solution for every problem; But for sweat there is. Thanks to special pads that are sewn in our shirts, tops and underwear, sweat spots are gone forever.

People who feel uncomfortable because of their sweat spots, experience that they get more confidence with our products. That is why our brand is called ConfidenceForAll ... It gives self-confidence to everyone.

About us

Hi, my name is Edwin. In 2017 I founded ConfidenceForAll. The first webshop for sweat proof underwear in the Benelux. We have now helped over 30,000 people.

Our development team has developed a range of the best quality products. We have developed the sweat proof shirts and Drydress top and we launched sweat proof underwear for men and women. Do you have a suggestion? We would love to hear it!

Our logistics team consists of young people with a backlog on the labor market. Thanks to the work, they feel part of society and develop their self-confidence.

Our online marketers take care of the website and online marketing. And what am I doing then? I like to help you. So if you have a question, you will talk to me. You can always app, call or email me.

Greetings from the ConfidenceForAll team.