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No sweat spots - no sweat odor

Hyperidrosis excessive sweating

Posted by robin laseur on
Hyperidrosis | overmatig zweten

Hyperidrosis - excessive sweating - is a condition that has to do with a small group of people. Half of that group mainly suffer from many sweating under the armpits. For example, others suffer from sweaty hands or sweat on the forehead. For the group with sweat spices, the new Anti Sweat T-shirt is a lighting.

Anti-sweat T-shirt helps with hyperidrosis and excessive sweating.

With the anti-sweat t-shirt from no sweat, the armpit sweat is blocked. The sewn fabric layer in the armpits prevents sweat from leaking. What is the most heard reaction of people who are going to wear? "I had that more earlier!"

Try it yourself too!

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