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No sweat spots - no sweat odor

Hairdressers keep it fresh without sweat

Posted by robin laseur on
Kappers houden het fris zonder zweet

I was just back at the hairdresser and realized that these hardworking people will also have a difficult moment. They are often long working days for most coaters and hairdressers. In a lounge where the temperature, among other things, hair dryer is higher than lower than lower. And there you then ... very close to your customer. Move your scissors in all corners and turns. And your armpits full in the mirror all the time.

T-shirt that blocks armpit sweet beloved at Hairdressers

Then you really don't want a sweat places under your armpits. Happy anti-sweat t-shirt from is completely absorbed. The armpit sweat is completely blocked and will not be visible in the clothing that you have about it over.

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