The ConfidenceForAll sweat proof polo prevents sweat stains and reduces sweat odor thanks to sewn-in armpit pads. These sweat proof pads, made from moisture-resistant bamboo viscose, completely block sweat, so you never have to worry about sweat stains or odors again. With this polo, you can confidently go through your day without any more sweat stains or odor issues. Made from silky modal and cooling cotton, no more yellow stains in your shirt. What can you do about sweat stains? Wear the ConfidenceForAll anti-sweat polo and confidently go through the day! Try it, you'll be amazed!

Pad invisible from outside

This photo shows the pad on the inside of the polo.

The sweat proof polo, like the undershirt, has a sweatproof pad in each armpit. It's securely attached at several points, precisely on the existing seams of the polo, making it invisible from the outside.

No one will notice that you are comfortably protected. The pad consists of two layers of cotton with a thin layer of bamboo viscose inside.


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