Never worry about sweat spots again. The ConfidenceForAll sweat proof undershirt has sewn-in armpit pads, which prevent sweat spots in your shirt.

You will also experience much less sweat odor. The armpit pad consists of a thin layer of moisture-resistant bamboo viscose that completely stops sweat.

ConfidenceForAll uses a unique combination of silky soft modal and cooling cotton for the underpants. This way you can wear the sweat proof underwear for women in both summer and winter. The briefs fit wonderfully. You can wash it nice and fresh and clean at 60 degrees.

  • No more sweat spots.
  • Made of silky soft modal and cooling cotton.
  • Wash up to 60 degrees.

What can you do about sweat spots? Wear the ConfidenceForAll sweat proof briefs and feel confident all day long! Try it, you will be amazed!


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