Apply without sweat in your clothes

Solliciteren zonder zweetplekken

In recent months I was in turns again. I was looking for a new job and started applying. It had been a while since I had to sell myself, getting used to. After grading from the internet to nice vacancies and sending me resume and motivation letter it is awaiting ... until the moment of the reward or invitation.

Well prepared to the interview

If I get an invitation, I am even more in the conversation partner and the organization. I write my key points again on paper - because then I remember them better - and practice the questions I always find to answer to answer. And then comes closer and start thinking of my clothes. How formal is this organization. In my case I usually decide to wear a shirt with a jacket. So hop, exporting ironing board from the cupboard and my favorite (not!).

Apply in dry clothes

Of course I wear my Anti Sweat T-shirt while applying. It often happens that the conversation partner has no jacket. Then I also pull my jacket out ... and I am in my "bare" shirt. For me, one thing is certain: a job interview always goes with sweat among my armpits. The T-shirt has an extra layer that is sewn in the armpit and that layer blocks all my sweat. Now I no longer have to press my arms against my body. I'm relaxing over.

Try it yourself too!


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