Teacher also remains sweat the boss

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Teachers. The people who are in the weather every day with our children. They teach the children. teenagers and students to behave; They help them develop and carry a mountain knowledge about it. An important task. I am always grateful for the work they do. It is a profession to lead and guide a group of at least 30 young people. Great job.

How do you stay in control?

I always find it funny to hear my children from the school's first weeks about the teacher. It is always strict. After a month or two it is all bad. The good teachers express the lines well in those first weeks; The whole class then enjoys the whole year.

But you can't always stop sweating.

But you are not entirely the boss about your own body. It will really happen that a student makes it too fur and you once lose control of your emotions. A teacher is also a human! And what should you go on those hot days. Then there are more than 30 of those overheated bodies in a classroom, open the windows and maybe your school does have an air conditioning? But still, your armpits will really get hot during the year. And that sweat seeps into your blouse or shirt, while you are pointing to your IWB. What will those children think. Or worse, the younger the sooner you know; Because they just tell you.

THE SOLUTION! An sweat proof undershirt

Fortunately, there is now a perfect solution. With the anti-sweat t-shirt from NoWeet, the armpit Sweet is always blocked. No more worries. Just nice with the curriculum. The sewn fabric layer in the armpits prevents sweat from leaking. What is the most heard reaction of people who are going to wear? "I had that more earlier!". Give it a try.

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