The Anti Sweat T-shirt

that gives confidence to all

No more sweat spots in your shirt thanks to armpit with bamboo fiber

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The T-shirt that blocks underarm sweat

• No more sweat spots under your armpits
• No more yellow stains in your shirt or blouse
• A sewn-in armpit piece that blocks sweat
• Elegant and very soft long T-shirt

Sweat spots under your armpits remain invisible

We all have to deal with it sometimes. When you're just busy doing your thing, and suddenly notice that you have a wet stain under your arms. The more you try to suppress sweating, the worse it gets. You keep your arms tight to your body, so you won't make any enthusiastic moves. You feel uncomfortable. Wouldn't it be great if, in these kinds of situations, you no longer have to move like a penguin?

No more yellow stains in your shirt or blouse

And this is something we have also experienced before: yellow stains in your blouse, and a scent that does not come out. You have tried all kinds of detergents. Used other deodorant. Alas, the only thing you can do is buy another shirt. Which is a bummer, since this was your favourite.

T-shirt with armpit insert that blocks sweat

Fortunately, there is a solution to sweat stains and yellow stains under your armpits! There are special T-shirts, with a protective layer sewn into the armpit part. The protective layer is made from bamboo and absorbs sweat. It is silky soft and has a very comfortable feel. The fabric is also often used for professional sportswear. Sweat will no longer reach the outer layer of the T-shirt, guaranteed!

Sweating is part of an active life

Presenting, taking exams, dating, dancing, coaching, applying for a job, playing sports, or just enjoying the sun on a terrace. Armpit sweating is just part of the deal. Your body wants to cool down. It is possible to completely block sweating, by a treatment or by surgically removing sweat glands. A drastic and expensive approach. Wear No Sweat T-shirts, and feel good! Your body can still breathe, and the sweat will be absorbed completely.

confidence for all

This special t-shirt has already helped a lot of people to regain their self-confidence. That is why we named this site Confidence for all. People who suffer from sweat can finally enjoy their day with confidence. The most heard response is: "Had I known about this shirt before!".

Lovely soft T-shirt

The T-shirt is made of Lenzing® Modal and combines the good qualities of cotton and silk: it is very soft and absorbent. And the T-shirt is made of 5% spandex, an elastic fabric, which means that it fits your body well, and does not lose its shape after washing it a few times.

All T-shirts are long.

All T-shirts have a great length. You should check the size table if you want to know exactly how long they are.

Protective layer in the armpit, made of bamboo and cotton

The armpit insert consists of two outer layers of Lenzing Modal. In between, you can find the secret weapon of this T-shirt: a layer of cotton and bamboo viscose. The bamboo blocks the sweat, and the cotton absorbs it. This prevents sweat from leaking through. You will feel comfortable, that is guaranteed!

Scoop neck for women, V-neck for men.

We have chosen the so-called scoop neck for women. A T-shirt with a broad and deep scoop neck, which cannot be seen underneath a blouse. The sizes are adjusted to women. The T-shirt with the V-neck is made in men's sizes. The V-neck is also cut a bit lower, which means that you can wear it underneath a shirt, without seeing it.

Available in white and black colour

Confidence for all offers anti sweat undershirts in the colours white and black. We have 4 different sizes for men and women. We hope this serves your needs.

Fabrics and Washing Instructions

The shirt consists of 95% of the soft Lenzing Modal fabric and of 5% of elastic Spandex. The special armpit is made of 70% cotton and 30% bamboo viscose. That layer prevents sweat from getting through the shirt. We recommend to wash at 40 degrees. Higher is also possible without damaging the anti sweat function.

The Anti Sweat T-shirt


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