Dancing at feast under sweat places

Festival zonder zweetplekken

A good friend of mine has been wearing the anti-sweat t-shirt for a while. He puts it in at all kinds of times. He recently told me that he had attracted it to the Festival The Flying Dutch. It was thick 20 degrees in the Olympic stadium and there was dancing of 12: 00-23: 00. Meanwhile, some drinks ... but it was certain. And smart when he was ... He walked around with a dry shirt. No trace sweat to confess with him.

Anti-sweat t-shirt ideal for parties.

With the t-shirt of no sweat, the armpit sweat is always blocked. No more worries. Just delicious thundering without making you busy about how you look. The sewn fabric layer in the armpits prevents sweat from leaking. What is the most heard reaction of people who are going to wear? "I had that more earlier!"

Try it yourself too!


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