ConfidenceForAll sweat proof tops are designed by us to keep up with your active lifestyle.

They are the ultimate solution to overcome challenges while feeling stylish and comfortable.

With sweat proof tops you can feel confident all day long. ConfidenceForAll tops have a sweat-proof pad sewn into the armpits. This ensures that you will never suffer from sweat spots and sweat odor again. In addition, the pad ensures that you do not get yellow stains in your clothes. So they last a lot longer if you wear our tops.

We have developed 3 types of sweat proof tops for you:

College Tops

These sweat proof tops are made for all active women. The top is made of mesh, a sporty, elastic and airy fabric that fits seamlessly to your body. It is the perfect protection for a day full of activities when you want to look well-groomed.

DryDress Tops

This is a stylish, thin top made of nylon. The translucent material is very cool to wear, while the armpit pads protect you against sweat spots. DryDress keeps your dress and other clothing beautiful for a long time. If you go for chic, wear the DryDress.

Teens Tops

The top especially for girls who want to go to school with a good feeling. During puberty, hormone fluctuations cause the necessary sweat. The Teens Top is made of a breathable elastic fabric, so that it fits well to your body.


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