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Customer service by telephone and WhatsApp: 00-31-6-111 73064

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Korte Boslaan 6

3722BB Bilthoven

The Netherlands


Registered in the trade register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce number: 24467479

VAT number: NL001697643B47

Lucid registration: DE1391045666128

Refashion registration: FR259377_11VWTA

Leko registration: FR256109_01EMRH

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IBAN: NL78KNAB0732348501


Bank: Knab

Managing board:

Mr Edwin J.C. Van dongen

Responsible for the journalism editorial content: Edwin van Dongen

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In accordance with the Regulation on online disputes in consumer affairs, we are not obliged or willing to participate in a dispute settlement procedure for an arbitration committee for consumers.

Information about the average monthly number of active users of the platform service in the Union (art. 24 (2) Digital Services Act): 6,000