Hot flashes during menopause

Opvliegers tijdens de overgang

The menopause, is a period in the life of a woman where an end comes to fertility. The transition usually starts when you are between 45 and 56 years old. How much you suffer from it is very personal. You can suffer from mood sweating, sweating or hot flashes. On the other hand, you are redeemed from, for example, menstrual complaints.

How does a hot flash work?

Hot flashes often cause a sweat attack. Sweating is a normal function of your skin. By sweating, the temperature of your body is kept at the right level and waste is excreted by sweating. During the menopause the sweating process can be disrupted because the temperature center in your brain is sensitive to changing your hormone levels; This allows you to sweat more. Due to a sudden fall in your female hormone estrogen, your body gets off and you can perspirate extra. The body gets cold and responds with a sense of unrest and gravity. Your thermostat will be able to change and the body gets the impression that it is hot. It wants to lose his heat and open the blood vessels so that you will sweat more. Many women experience this as a feeling such as a cold sore and are then driving wet of sweat. Often this feeling is then closed with a cold shiver, after which the thermostat is back in balance and resolves the excess sweating.

Anti sweat T-shirt protects with a hot flyer.

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