In the spot light ... what a heat!

In the spotlight... wat een hitte!

I recently saw a famous carbetier on the TV ... with sweat places in his dark blue shirt. Not weird if you feel how hot that theater lamps are. You are wet within two minutes. And that while the public looks at you carefully. Then it is not strange that sweat flows your armpits. Then a dark blue or black shirt no longer helps. But an anti-sweat T-shirt offers a solution.

And then that healthy tension ...

You have that healthy tension for every performance. This sometimes releases to me. If I then sweat, I sometimes tend to press my arms against my body. But wants to be on stage and I have to be free. That is why I often use an anti-transpirant 48 hours, but that I am not completely waterproof ...

Keep it dry on the stage!

The Anti Sweat T-shirt is therefore worn by people who are often on a stage. Not only comedians, also presenters and people who give lectures or workshops. They can go wild if they wear the anti-sweat t-shirt from no sweat. The extra layer that is sewn in the armpit blocks all the moisture. It's so pleasant.

Try it yourself too!


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