To sell without sweat spots?

Verkopen? Een koud kunstje zonder zweetplekken

There are many types of sellers. I am the first to think of sellers who immediately sell me: shop staff, at the household shop or on the residential boulevard. The florist, cheese farmer or the car dealer. In addition, you still have the account managers who sell the products and services of their organization to other organizations. These are the men and women who drive through Benelux with the Lease car and come by appointment with a presentation under the poor.

Peaks under pressure

I have been a representative for a while. Then I was allowed to visit a group of 100 supermarkets for a food manufacturer. I received a sales techniques course and was then sent on the road with my promotional material and order book. What has remained with me is that I never got a lot of time to make the sales conversation. Very understandable by the way. But with that the tension is increasing. With my targets in mind, I have to have a quiet and convincing conversation and ask for an order and that everything is under time pressure. You understand it ... After such a day I don't smoke more fresh.

Sell ​​is a cold trick

The Anti Sweat T-shirt is carried out a lot by account managers and sellers. With the less formally covered customers and customers it is not always suitable for arriving in your Colbert. Then you get better for the day in your blouse or shirt. And then you really don't want the customer that you are sweating like an otter. Before that, the t-shirt has really been very handy. The extra layer that is sewn in the armpit blocks all the moisture. This way you never get a sweat place. So sell a cold trick!

Try it yourself too!


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