Hairdressers keep it fresh without sweat

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I was just back at the hairdresser and realized that these hard-working people will sometimes have a difficult moment. It is often long working days for most hairdressers and hairdressers. In a salon where the temperature is higher rather than lower, partly due to blow-drying. And there you are... standing very close to your customer. Move your scissors into all corners and bends. And your armpits in the mirror all the time.

Some hairdressers may suffer from sweaty armpits during their work. This is especially true if they work in an environment where the temperature is high, if they are physically intensive, or if they experience stress.

To reduce the discomfort of sweaty armpits, hairdressers and other people working in similar conditions may consider:

1. Wearing breathable clothing: Clothing made from natural materials such as cotton can help absorb sweat and promote airflow, which can help reduce sweating.

2. Use deodorant and an sweat proof undershirt or sweat  proof top. The armpit sweat is blocked and will not become visible in the clothing you wear over it. You will also be less bothered by sweat odor.

3. Ventilation: Good air circulation in the hair salon can help regulate the temperature somewhat and reduce sweating.

4. Taking breaks: It's important to take regular short breaks to rest and hydrate, especially when the work is intense.

However, it is important to note that some people naturally sweat more than others. If excessive sweating becomes a serious problem, hairdressers or other professionals may consider seeking medical attention and talking to a doctor about treatment options such as strong antiperspirants or other medical interventions.


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